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Purbl is an immigration consulting company that helps anyone wanting to visit, study, work and immigration in Canada

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Immigrate in Canada

We are committed to help each individual who wants to come
to Canada.

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We are committed to help foreign workers and newcomers to enter Canadian workforce

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We are based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We are licensed immigration consultants both federally with ICCRC, and provincially in Saskatchewan with SINP. To recruit foreign workers, we are licensed with SINP

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • For anyone who wants to come to Canada:

Canada is a country with 150 years of immigration history. Every year, there are changes to the immigration policies. Currently, there are over 80 immigration programs available.

We are registered with ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council). The only country-wide regulatory authority created and governed by Canadian government.

Purbl is dedicated to make the immigration simple for you. We are here to help you from conducting an assessment, developing a plan, collecting required documents, submitting the application, following through with the proper Canadian Immigration Office till we have received a result from our application. After that, Purbl can continue to provide guidance and assistance on how to settle in Canada.

  •  For foreign workers who wants to find a job in Canada:

From guiding you how to write your resume, cover letters, to obtaining legal documents working in Canada, to coaching you how to sail through an interview with potential employers till providing various career coaching assistance. Our goal is to help your achieve a successful career in Canada every step you take.

Purbl is a registered recruiter in Saskatchewan, we are very familiar with the local recruiting policies and job market conditions for foreign workers.

Hiring foreign workers can be a rather time consuming and complex process, employers are required to be in compliance with the regulations and procedures developed by the government. As Purbl is a registered recruiter with the Government of Saskatchewan, we are committed to streamlining the process for any employers who wants to hire foreign nationals to work at their business in Saskatchewan. We will guide you from the initial recruiting process to obtain legal documents for hiring.

When you make an appointment with Purbl, please send us all your questions, information and the documents related to your immigration or recruitment matters in advance. We will review them and analyze your situation before the appointment. Once you come for the appointment, we will discuss about them in detail with you for about an hour. Consulting fee can be paid when you show up for the appointment.

Yes, absolutely. We are very honored to have you as our clients, and we are doing our best to build on our trusting relationship. Keeping your documents and information in confidentiality and safety is the principle for Purbl. We are in the compliance with RCIC bylaws – Code of Professional Ethics. Beyond the required standards, Purbl has a comprehensive system to secure client’s documents and information. Also, our team is trained on a regular basis to protect clients’ everything in confidential.

After we the first appointment, Purbl will provide to you a detailed fee structure if you decide to retain us for your immigration or recruitment needs.

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